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      Material: full steel
      Brand: Thermo Hamilton USA.
      Reference price: ¥68000
      Products for Europe and the United States imported brand products, in line with international safety standards for testing ANSI/ASHRAE110-1995 international standards.
      1 Structure
      1.1 external structure of imported high-quality steel, the surface of the epoxy resin spray treatment, durable, anti acid and alkali. All materials are durable, safe and environmentally friendly.
      1.2 table using the German imports of Friatec ceramic mesa or the United States EPOXYN dish epoxy resin table. Main features: high temperature 800-1000.
      1.3 the internal use of space is wide, the top of a set of lighting box, ventilation cabinet interior guide plate using imported high-quality acid and alkali material, smooth surface, toughness, can withstand the pressure of 14000psi. This material has fire resistance and acid and alkali resistance, and easy to clear. Fume hood lining: imported 6 mm Polylesin: reinforced polyester panel, smooth finish, white color. Flexural strength: 14000 psi. Flame spread: according to the requirements of UL723 and ASTME8480 standard is 17 or less. The spoiler must be of the same material as the liner.
      The internal work area 1.4 wind cabinet lighting degree reached 80 foot-candies (860 lux Lux). The ventilation cabinet lamp is installed outside the fume hood, and the interior of the cabinet is separated from the cabinet;
      The inner part of the inner part of the fume hood is provided with a reaction frame, and the base of the utility model is made of highly corrosive polypropylene material. If necessary, the fume hood can be equipped with a distillation rack
      The 1.5 is arranged on a panel of water, gas, water and gas control valve, installed in the leading wind cabinet panel is the most accessible position, the control panel circuit control switch and control system, control valve installed in the ventilation cabinet post outside, easy to use. The top of the cabinet is equipped with lighting equipment to ensure good operation time.
      The interior panel of the cabinet is a laboratory dedicated Europe and the United States imported a complete seamless 28/35MM ceramic panels or Europe and the United States imported 19/32mm epoxy resin table.
      The lower part of the 1.6 wind cabinet is provided with 2 ordinary storage cabinets. Durable stainless steel hinge hinge; concealed type, high gloss, with the cabinet door with stainless steel hinges, coated with epoxy resin, open angle up to 180 degrees; D handle is made of stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant and wear resistant, integrally molded with epoxy resin, surface treatment, do not stay dead, easy to clean.
      1.7 the fume hood shall be equipped with test report according to EN or BS ASHRAE110-1995 standard, which is issued by the manufacturer and recorded. The report has a clear proof of the role of the fume hood in the prevention of gas leakage.
      The control elements of the 1.8 wind cabinet can be installed on both sides or the front side of the air cabinet by different modules, and can be expanded according to the different working environment and habits of the user at any time.
      1.9 all metal fittings in the cabinet should be treated with epoxy resin, the outer layer is steel plate and the inner layer is corrosion resistant lining material. Between the two layers are all steel frames, all steel fasteners and common equipment piping, fittings, etc.. Galvanized steel plate fixed at least 2mm thick.
      1.10 ventilation cabinet is equipped with four power outlets, a set of water cups and remote control water valve.
      1.11 functions: automatic falling glass door is to protect the operator and the upper part of the face. The surface wind speed and exhaust design are based on 18 (460mm) the height of this operation. In 28.5 "(725mm) the installation height, a limiter limits the glass sliding door, convenient installation and disassembly of large equipment. When the door is higher than 18 (460mm) operating height, will automatically drop this height, maintain the surface wind speed and exhaust air volume design. The balance system has been tested 10000 times by the relevant testing mechanism
      1.12 ventilation cabinet during normal operation, can ensure the surface wind speed is more than 0.3 m/s. (specific measurement method: the wind cabinet operation, will adjust the wind cabinet door to ventilation cabinet table height 500mm, the average of 9 measuring points were measured, the measurement results and the average value is the ventilation cabinet surface wind.)
      2 exhaust thoroughly
      2.1 to ensure that the wind speed in the 0.5m/s under the smoke out of the cabinet, no residue, and diluted.
      2.2 deflector: spoiler should be consistent with the lining material. Exhaust groove and spoiler vertical direction. High performance two piece spoiler. The spoiler shall be connected to the vent of the upper and lower exhaust of the fume hood. All spoilers, supports and supports shall be non - metallic. Installation position and angle to be uniform, no dead angle, to ensure that the different proportion of gas can be effectively excluded.
      2.3 safety sliding door
      The front part of the 2.3.1 wind cabinet is a safety sliding door, the door frame is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, and the surface is sprayed with epoxy resin.
      2.3.2 use 6mm double-layer float explosion-proof door safety glass, can ensure that in case of broken will not hurt the body.
      2.3.3 balance system: system balance weight, pulley, hinge device, balance system can prevent the sliding door and tilt, one hand can control.
      2.3.4 sliding door security about suspension rope hinge installation, completely hidden in the guide rail of the frame type C groove at the front part of ventilation cabinet, pull down, not with the track friction, to ensure the safety of cable, and avoid contact with corrosive chemical gas cabinet.
      2.3.5 safety sliding door handle under the front edge with the arc shape, in order to avoid the airflow through the handle below the disturb flow into the cabinet, handle the central grooves, the convenience of users under the arm force, in order to meet ergonomic requirements. Air wing: the wing air inlet is substantially flush with the test table and has sufficient space to accommodate the electrical cables installed below the intake port. The front edge of the bottom beam must be rounded and rotated forward to provide the foot.
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