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      The raw material is 304 or 316L stainless steel plate, thickness of 1.2mm. (including cutting surface, screw), spray thickness and quality requirements to meet national standards, good adhesion, fine appearance. The overall corrosion resistance.

      (1) lining plate, guide plate: using 1.2mm stainless steel plate thickness, layer (upper, middle and lower), and the cabinet without the exhaust gas of various proportion of dead, were successfully discharged out of the cabinet, three pieces of guide plates in order to make the performance index in different height space to control the harmful gas concentration of less than 0.5ML/M3 were discharged from different section area, surface wind speed of 0.3-0.5M/S port operation ventilation cabinet in gas discharge, there is no any residual gas. Exhaust air 1000-1600M3/N, noise is small.
      (2) the roof: power supply: the use of professional design of the 10A or 16A multi function socket, with dust, acid and alkali, waterproof design; and the leakage protection switch, effectively ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.
      (3) lighting: hidden light source, the roof of the configuration of 30W explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, to ensure that the working surface is not low 450LUX height standards, not in contact with the cabinet gas, easy to replace.
      (4) sliding door: double suspension type glass door, the material is aluminum alloy frame inlaid 6mm toughened glass, up and down open, easy to operate flexible, the bottom of the door should have a rubber shock pad, in order to reduce the impact of the switch. Stepless balance weights, pull up and down freely, can stay at any position.
      (5) transmission: double suspension glass door through the guide rail, counterweight pulley group, cable, weight and other synchronous transmission, up and down open flexible convenient, small noise.
      (6) surface parts: sub - via solid physiochemical board, or epoxy resin board, or ceramic plate.

      Specification (standard type)

      Size 1200mm L*D*H 1500mm L*D*H 1800mm L*D*H
      External dimensions 1200*850*2350 1500*850*2350 1800*850*2350
      Internal dimensions 990*750*1205 1290*750*1205 1590*750*1205
      Lower cabinet size 1200*650*860 1500*650*860 1800*650*860
      Table Height 860 860 860
      Throttle opening height 650 650 650
      Recommended surface wind speed At the height of 60% of the opening of the air door, the fume hood shall use an average surface wind speed of not less than 0.5 m / S


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